New inverter

So, Shawn doubled the battery bank before we went out last Thanksgiving weekend. At that point we always knew we’d need to upgrade the inverter…but that could wait…until it couldn’t.

Fast forward to Memorial Day Weekend. As we were heading out, the newly updated screens for our newly updated electronics (an entirely different post) turned off while in route. They came back on pretty quickly, so we got where we were going without incident, but this happened several times. On Saturday night we ran our batteries down lower than anticipated (an electric heater was accidentally left on), and during the effort to recharge them, the inverter kept stopping due to overheating. It was located under the sofa in the salon and in addition to being too light for the work required, the ventilation was inadequate (I’m being generous on this one)

Between Thanksgiving and Memorial Day, Shawn spent A LOT of time researching inverters and had already settled on the one that made the most sense. It is huge and probably overkill in every way, but that’s the way he likes to do repairs or upgrades…over the top.

He’s already changed its new location, bought tons of wire, and more switches, fuses, and other things that don’t make sense to me. The only thing I know for sure, is this project must be finished before we go out again. Hoping for next weekend…

new enormous inverter
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  • Victron Quattro’s nice. Curious why the Quattro if you don’t use the chargerr and why not two smaller ones in series rather than one that’s overkill?

  • I’ll be doing a separate technical writeup on the electrical system in a later post.

    The Quattro is actually right-sized for our application as we’re a mostly electric boat with AC refrigerator/freezer and ice maker now and moving to an electric induction cooktop and convection microwave. We will use the charger as we need up to 180 amps to charge the house battery bank.

    I considered paralleling multiple smaller units for both efficiency space but the physical size of the smaller units wasn’t sufficiently different to overcome the increased space required both for the units and for additional cabling.

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