Meet our cat Apollo

Apollo is a 12 1/2 year old Siamese cat. Traditionally he is very nervous and slow to adapt. This move to 2nd Circus has been his best move ever. He only spent 1 day buried in the safety of the master closet and quickly learned to manage a somewhat wobbly life. When we’re running he’s still a little stressed, but he has gone from hiding in the closet the entire time to mostly sleeping up in the Pilot House with us, though he won’t eat while the engines are on. While docked, he loves wandering around outside up on the fly bridge or around the sides ledges. I’m terrified he’ll go for an accidental swim one day. He has taken one off-the-boat solo excursion. A couple weeks ago while we were out paddle boarding, we left the doors open (oops) and he made a break for it. A neighbor found him snoozing happily behind the dock box on our old slip (about 10 slips down the dock). I have no idea if he was there by accident or if he somehow thought that was where we live. Since then he keeps a close eye on the doors, clearly looking for another opportunity to roam. If it happens, it will not be because we gave permission as I’m terrified he’ll find himself on another boat and just go to sleep, making him very difficult to locate.

Apollo has kidney disease and high blood pressure. We started using a prescription diet for his kidneys (he loves it). He has been refusing water for around 2-3 weeks, so hopefully he’s getting all the fluids he needs in his food (it’s very wet. I don’t know how long he’ll be with us, but until then I can’t get a washer/dryer because his litter box lives in that cabinet. We’ve tried it unsuccessfully in other places, so unless we get very creative, we’ll have to take out laundry to be washed until he goes to kitty heaven. Good thing he’s gorgeous and mostly snuggly. I can wait for the laundry…

  • Geri
  • I am a nurse, mother of 3 grown boys, new boater, cat lover, and addict to all things circus with a special dedication to flying trapeze. Nearly a year in and I love my live-aboard life...most of the time!

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