Endless upgrades…under construction

Have you ever tried to live in your house while doing renovations? That’s really hard. Living on your boat while doing renovations has the added challenge of things like giant holes in the floor of your living room (salon) to climb across, the sofa is often moved out of place and standing on end blocking the hall to the bedroom and bathroom, and most rooms (cockpit, salon, and pilot house) absolutely COVERED in supplies. Now and then I also come home to find the power is off.

I’m doing my very best to have patience with the process and remember how lucky I am to have a handy partner who can do the work himself. It’s far less expensive that way, and I don’t have to find somewhere else to stay while someone else is doing these upgrades. I have hope that we will get to a point where we are essentially done rebuilding various systems and the only time ALL the tools will be out is when something fails and needs repair or replacement.

Here are some photos of what “under construction” looks like. *big sigh*

open hatches
Pilot house
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