A month ago we spent the weekend in Bowman Bay outside of Deception Pass. It was hot and beautiful and the bay was FILLED with people on human power water sports, kayaks and paddle boards. I’ve wanted a paddle board for quite some time, and decided this was the right time. After a lot of research, I decided on an epoxy Versa from Isle Surf and Sup. The day I went to purchase it, Shawn decided he wanted one too so that we could paddle together. Kind of a surprise since he’d never even tried paddle boarding. That same day, I discovered that my preferred board was sold out with no waitlist available when I checked the site again after I got home from work, they were back in stock in a color that I LOVE! I immediately ordered two. It was delivered about 2 weeks later and we were off and paddling! We (actually Shawn)are still trying to figure out how to store them onboard, so for now they are tied up together on the fly bridge. Definitely not perfect, but it’s secure enough to keep up from being worried about them while moving, even in rough water. They’re so much fun and a great core workout. No regrets on this decision!

Paddling in Eagle Harbor

  • Geri
  • I am a nurse, mother of 3 grown boys, new boater, cat lover, and addict to all things circus with a special dedication to flying trapeze. Nearly a year in and I love my live-aboard life...most of the time!

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