The weekend of water leaks

A few weeks ago, I woke up to Shawn cursing. There appeared to be a water leak somewhere that created a very wet compartment where the bathroom pumps live. It could also be seen in a very tiny peep cabinet next to the stairs that go down to the companionway. We had a grumpy breakfast and then Shawn started the process to find the leak. Praying it wasn’t all the way at the back of a space that was way too small for an adult of any size to get inside. Shawn opened up the base cabinet in the hall head. From the head, I heard him shout “money!” and silly me, thought this would turn out to be a good thing. He disassembled the cabinet completely, but the different level from the floor into the cabinet turned out to make this repair difficult at best, and miserably painful at worst. He tightened up all the hose clamps which appeared to fix the problem. It wasn’t until he went to put everything back together that he realized he actually needed to replumb the bathroom, since the slightest push on the hoses from the interior cabinet walls, created a large leak all over again. It took a couple weeks to make this happen, with a little prodding from me, but now it’s completely done. I love a completed project.

The very same weekend, the kitchen faucet also gave up the ghost. Unfortunately, it wasn’t immediately clear where the problem was and it initially appeared that we (really I) was just too splashy when washing dishes causing water to run under and around the backsplash. By day two or three with the problem not resolving despite taking more care during dish washing, and putting a towel down to block any overflow, Shawn identified the MASSIVELY leaking faucet under the sink. Everything in that cabinet was soaked, including around 15 dish towels. A quick trip to Home Depot and only one small argument about which faucet to buy, and this leak was quickly repaired. The new faucet works great and also happens to be pretty. A win-win for sure.

I admit, I’m a little frustrated with all the things that are failing and must be replaced. I’m assured that this kind of thing is expected, but if I was living in a house and needed this many repairs, I’d be pretty upset. I’m trying to take these things in stride…

New galley faucet

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