4th of July weekend

Crabbing is open and we had a goal…catch our limit and eat as much crab as we could possibly want. We were told that crabbing was good around Hope Island, so that’s where we were headed on Friday night. I don’t get off of work until 4pm, and we still had some work to do before we could cast off our lines, so we throttled up ALL the way and raced to Hope Island for the night. We dropped our pots with 4 minutes to spare and anchored in the dock. We woke up to discover how lucky we were to anchor without tangling our props in pot lines. The entire place was a minefield! Our first night crabbing only yielded 2 crabs. Somewhat disappointing, but that would make a great dinner with enough left over to put in omlettes for a couple days. Considering how much fuel we burned getting there, those were 2 VERY expensive crabs!

Next we were heading up to Westcott Bay to meet up some friends who live a few slips away from us. The weather on Saturday was meh, but the company was great. We were introduced to 4 other couples who often meet up on the water. It was nice to be social from our dinghys. One night was dinghy docktails and the next we shared dinghy dinner. Best social distancing ever!

Shawn setting the dinghy anchor at Henry Island

By Sunday, the weather improved and we decided to try our hand at shrimping. It was a dismal failure. We’re going to have to read up on how to do this right and try again another time.

Monday started with a walk around the trails of Henry Island. What a great little Island! Shawn even walked barefoot and didn’t step on anything sharp, prickly, or otherwise uncomfortable. Then we picked up our anchor and headed over to Reid Harbor in Stuart Island. There we met up with more friends who are the only people we’ve gotten near since the start of Covid. We were together over Memorial Day weekend at Sucia. We hung out and enjoyed a sandy beach and had after dinner drinks. We also got a great tip so that we could try for a better crab catch in the way home.

Turns out we were on the wrong side of Hope Island. We stopped in the way home and quickly caught our limit!! Even with some crummy weather, it was a great weekend. I’m so grateful to be able to live this lifestyle with Shawn.

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  • I am a nurse, mother of 3 grown boys, new boater, cat lover, and addict to all things circus with a special dedication to flying trapeze. Nearly a year in and I love my live-aboard life...most of the time!

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