Summer, I’m so happy to see you!🌞

It took until mid-July, but it feels like summer has finally arrived! The wait with cool, wet weather made this weekend that much sweeter.

We decided to forgo the San Juans this weekend in favor of going nearby where we could leisurely get there in the few hours we have after I get home from work….as opposed the the combat run up to Hope Island where we usually stop in the way north at 2300rpms. Gig Harbor was the destination. The Harbor is beautiful and protected allowing for dinghy adventures, plenty of paddle boarding, and even a beach walk near the lighthouse at the mouth of the channel. This time around we didn’t go into town, mainly because of social distancing concerns and a strong desire to spend 3 solid days without a mask.

We put out our crab pots several times, and came away with a pile of red rock crabs (not even close to our limit) and no dungies. If you haven’t had the RR crabs before, you need a strong cracker or pliers to get into them, but so worth it…so sweet! We did have a small hiccup with the crabbing. We lost 2 pots to the current and incoming tide at Point Defiance. Definitely a bummer.

paddle boarding in my new favorite hobby

We also discovered that our cat is a really strong swimmer when he doesn’t have another option. He’s ok and not interested in the edges today 🙀 I wrote an entire separate post about his adventure…check it out.

I’m coming away from this 3-day weekend (I always have a 3-day weekend) with sunburned shoulders and more peace in my heart than I’ve had in a long time. Heading out now for another paddle (wearing a UPF shirt this time 🤣) I hope you had a rejuvenating weekend as well.

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  • I am a nurse, mother of 3 grown boys, new boater, cat lover, and addict to all things circus with a special dedication to flying trapeze. Nearly a year in and I love my live-aboard life...most of the time!

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