Deception Pass

We bought this boat for several reasons. One of the primary purposes for having THIS boat is as a learning platform for me. Shawn grew up on the water and never had a moments issue driving, docking, or anything else with this boat. I’d never been on a boat this size, ever. Our goal for me is to get comfortable driving in whatever conditions the water throws at us, get on and off the dock in various conditions, and in general, be able to manage if for some reason Shawn can’t help i.e. he’s really sick, broke his leg falling into an open hatch, etc.

So far it’s going really well, mostly. I’m getting more and more comfortable driving in messy water, I’ve taken us off the dock twice without breaking anything, and I’m not completely losing my shit when running at night in the dark (at least not openly).

In the spirit of new adventures, we went through Deception Pass with me at the helm a few days ago. We’ve gone through many times with Shawn doing the heavy lifting, but this time was all me. We went through just before slack after ebb, and I’m thrilled to say it was completely uneventful.

Phew, cross that milestone off the list!

  • Geri
  • I am a nurse, mother of 3 grown boys, new boater, cat lover, and addict to all things circus with a special dedication to flying trapeze. Nearly a year in and I love my live-aboard life...most of the time!

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