A not so windless

Following the survey of 2nd Circus, we knew there were some things that needed fixed. Among the less serious, the deck switch for running the windless out wasn’t working. Since we plan to be extremely self sufficient cruisers, this is definitely a job for me rather than a yard.

The access chain locker is accessed through the forward berth above the bed.

Once inside, there’s a plastic cover over the terminals that will need to be removed. After the keeper nuts and washers are removed, I tested the switch for continuity to make sure I was looking in the right place. No continuity so out the switch comes.

If you’ve already made a repair like this in the past, you’re already thinking that I didn’t need to take the entire switch out of the deck and that I just created a bunch of extra work for myself… Yeah, I figured that out as soon as I sat down to see what I was working with.

It turns out I was working with a burned contactor. A little clean up with some emery cloth and we should be ready to go. Back to the foredeck to clean up the surface I didn’t need to expose and then back together.

My first repair on 2nd Circus and certainly not my last. As part of the survey, I had a quote from a local yard of $475 to repair/replace the windless switch. I can’t say if that’s a reasonable fee or not but, I will say that I’m glad to know I can manage this in the future if it happens when we’re swinging on the hook somewhere.

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